Utilising a ground-breaking solution to process point cloud data


Our ambition is to understand the real world through point cloud processing.

Traditional registration of 3D point cloud data has frequently proved to be slow and feature-heavy. Surveyors, engineers and construction professionals can often spend many hours using software that doesn't do the job it promises to carry out. As a result, manual workflows become complex, unpredictable and time-consuming.

Surveyors, engineers and construction professionals deserve software that does its job, is easy to use and requires less manual intervention. Software that works around you and not the other way round. Vercator software aims to live up to this promise.

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To deliver automated point cloud processing services from the cloud.

Vercator software greatly improves current point cloud processing techniques. With an openness to collaboration, our ambition is to develop Vercator so that it lowers the barriers to point cloud adoption.

We strive to be a leading software solution provider in the areas of surveying, construction, civil engineering, architecture, facilities management and beyond. We aim to do this by providing our customers with a valuable product that delivers on its promise and gives a clear return on investment.

Our Team

Correvate is currently made up of 17 people, each bringing a mix of commercial and technical specialisms. This multi-cultural, multi-disciplined, mutually supportive and very friendly team looks set to increase in size as the software develops. Meet the team.

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Join the Team

Correvate is passionate about building powerful software that's easy to use. We believe that customers are at the centre of a successful business and we want to enable every team to deliver success for them.

We are constantly on the lookout for the right people who are passionate about designing great products, creating great experiences, building market-leading platforms, and ensuring customers are happy. If that describes you - why not review our latest positions or get in touch. 

Our Registered Office

Correvate Limited
190 Clarence Gate Gardens
London NW1 6AD

+44 (0)20 7190 9685

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First published on 23.03.2018 in the RICS magazine and at the Geomatics World website.

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