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The cost to use Vercator Cloud software

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What are Vercator tokens?

Vercator tokens are a unit used to pay for the Vercator software. Tokens are deducted prior to export of scans and can be purchased in pounds sterling, Euros or US dollars.

Align scans with pay as you go flexibility


Vercator cloud operates a pay as you go membership, giving users the flexibility to use it as required each month.

The software utilises a token system where users only pay for what they use. Membership costs a minimum of 20 tokens a month, giving you 100GB of storage, access to registration and other new features on release. The membership cost is waived for large scale users.

How it works

Use the free trial to register, export and download up to 100 laser scans. To download more files, you must become a member.

Membership costs a minimum of 20 tokens per month. The tokens give you the ability to register and export scans. For example, 123 scans will require 123 tokens. Use the cost calculator below to work out token costs.

Free trial 

The Vercator Cloud trial is free. Use it to register as many scans as you need. Buy tokens to unlock more downloads.

  • 100GB of free storage
  • Valid for 30 days from sign-up
  • Register up to 100 scans
  • Download files for non-commercial use




Membership costs 20 tokens per month, giving you:

  • Unlimited project size
  • 100 GB of scan storage
  • Pay-as-you-go flexibility
  • Tokens used on job creation
  • Re-processing the same scans not recharged
  • Access to new features first
  • No limit for the number of registered users

Buy tokens

Buy tokens to register scans.

  • Register 1 scan = 1 token
  • Monthly membership = 20 tokens
  • Free membership when you use 100+ tokens

Vercator Cloud FAQs

What do I get for being a member?
Membership to Vercator costs 20 tokens per month. However, membership is free when you purchase 100 tokens and use them for registration or other services during that month. In addition to the registration service, membership entitles you to 100 GB of free storage, automatic updates to the software and support from our expert team.

What happens if I don’t use my account?
Your account will be operated in ‘rundown mode’ when the balance of the tokens in the account will be applied to meet storage charges until the balance of tokens has been exhausted., When that happens, any data held in storage will be deleted. An account in rundown mode may be revived by payment of the monthly membership fee. The balance of tokens held in an account in rundown mode may not be redeemed.

How are tokens converted to a price?

A Vercator token is priced at 1 SDR (see below). It can be paid for in pounds sterling, Euros or US dollars at the exchange rates published on the IMF website and updated daily at 08.00 UTC.

SDR = Special Drawing Rights, an international reserve asset, created by the IMF. The value of the SDR is based on a basket of five currencies. We use this value to mitigate the effect of currency fluctuations and allows us to charge equal economic value to our customers worldwide.

How do I account for tokens?
Tokens are a pre-payment for services. If your accounts are denominated in pounds sterling, Euros or US dollars your financial controller can recognise them at cost. If your accounts are based in another currency, you may recognise their value at the SDR exchange rate published by the IMF on the last day of your accounting period.

Will I be able to pay by Credit Card?
Yes, in the very near future.

Can I register scans offline?
Yes, using our desktop registration software.