Low start flexible pricing

Process your point clouds with pay as you go flexibility. We’ve done away with the traditional large upfront and outdated licence system. All utility services in the Vercator Cloud are chargeable by tokens.

Using the VERCATOR Cloud couldn’t be simpler, tokens can be purchased in bundles via two mechanisms; Pay As You Go or Auto-Replenishment. Token bundle pricing starts from as little as $140; tokens have no expiry date. There are no additional data storage charges provided your account is not ‘dormant’.

Vercator Token Piggy Bank

How can I use my VERCATOR tokens?

Tokens are a standard chargeable unit used to pay for VERCATOR Cloud utility functions, such as Registration / Alignment.

The pricing tariff for the Registration utility is 1 Token = 1 Scan. For example, if you uploaded 100 SCANS to align in the Registration utility tool you would need 100 TOKENS in order to complete the registration.

We offer discounted token bundles…the more you buy the greater the discount you qualify for.


Vercator PAYG Icon

Only pay for what you use — simple and affordable. No contract required; a true ‘ad-hoc’ service. The bigger the token bundle, the bigger the discount available.



Vercator Autoreplenish Icon

A monthly token replenishment system; sign up to a receive discounted token bundles every month. Never worry about running low on tokens.



Vercator Enterprise Icon

Volume user? Talk to us about your anticipated token usage! We may be able to offer you a large user volume discount on our monthly replenishment scheme. Please contact us to discuss your organisations requirements.


Vercator Education Icon

We offer both an Educational discount and a Research/Non-profit discount. These discounts are available by request providing you are able to meet our acceptance criteria. Please contact us to discuss your organisations requirements.

Vercator FAQs

A VERCATOR token is priced in USD. 1 token is charged at $1.40. Our merchant of record partner Paddle manages and processes all transactions. At the point of purchase the USD rate is converted to your currency of choice; USD, GBP or EUR.

We offer the facility to pay in the following currencies: USD, GBP or EUR.

Exchange rates are managed by Paddle and are updated every 15 minutes.

If your token balance falls below 100 and no further token purchases are made after 1 month then your account will be deemed as dormant.

We will issue a series of reminders should this happen. The first reminder will be after 1 month of inactivity, a second after 2 months. If no response / top up is received your data will be deleted from the storage location. Your account token balance will remain.

A ‘dormant’ account can be revived by a regular purchase of additional VERCATOR tokens.

No, however, we will not continue to store your data if your account is deemed to be ‘dormant’. Data in ‘dormant’ accounts will be deleted.

Tokens are a prepayment for services. If your accounts are denominated in GBP, EUR or USD your financial controller can recognise them at cost.

There is an offline application available which is available to customers who meet a specific criterion. Please contact us for further information.

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