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Automatic registration and 3D point cloud processing

Saving you time in the field

Vercator software is innovative technology that allows surveyors to take full advantage of targetless registration with confidence in robust data.

Remove target placement

Speed up laser scanning by eliminating the need to place targets in the scene

Utilise natural features

Take advantage of features within the scene to register your point cloud data sets

Saving you time in the office

Automated processing delivers fully registered point clouds ready for modelling faster by BIM technicians, engineers and architects.

Rapid processing

Faster 3D point cloud processing with fewer scan misalignment errors

Verification reporting

Quickly cross-check scan registration for precise results when it counts

Reduce manual intervention

Automate registration and remove the need to manually align laser scans

Increased fidelity

Advanced processing of larger datasets and more scans for higher quality output

Streamline your workflow

Vercator software works with your existing project workflow, hardware and software, whilst improving process efficiency so your project stays on time and on budget.

Improving interoperability

Continuously expanding compatibility with the industry's most common file types

Software built for you

Designed specifically to improve your registration process and project workflow

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