Vercator Field App

Mapping locations with a pen and paper on site, is now a thing of the past!

Vercator Field App gives users the ability to pair up scans in sequence with simple drag and drop functionality whilst live on site.

This is an essential part of planning the registration process but can be carried out easily using anything from a photograph to a roughly sketched site plan.

Once finished, simply export a ZIP file and use as your scan network in Vercator.

Whether you use Apple or Android we've the app for you!





With the increasing speeds of 3D laser scanners, it isn't uncommon for hundreds of scan positions to be captured daily. ​Many hardware devices rely on manual post processing of these scans back in the office.

​Being able to keep accurate details of how your scans link together is imperative; many people still make sketch notes of their site network. Commonly though these paper records get lost or damaged. 

​Vercator Field App enables you to build your scan network live on site and keeps all this key information safe and secure.



Being able to build an accurate site network really does help when it comes to processing registrations; especially when you've hundreds of scans being captured daily and if separate site and office teams being deployed.

With the Vercator Field App you can on-site place the locations of both scans and targets (if you've used them). Once a marker is placed you can link scans together, enabling you to define your network prior to leaving site.

Whilst Vercator Field App can be used independently its does form the framework for automation when using the Vercator registration service.



Once the onsite network is complete you can quickly and easily export from the Vercator Field App. You can choose how you share this information...emailed straight to the office or uploaded to the cloud.

The .zip file contains image files of the base plan, the created scan and target network. It also contains CSV files of the targets (if placed) and the scan locations themselves including which scans they link/pair with.

This ZIP file is what is directly read into the Vercator registration service to enable maximum automation. Accessibility is key to efficiency.

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