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Coarse Registration Results Tab

This article describes how to verify the results of the coarse registration before running later processing such as the more intensive fine registration and final export.

One may wish to check the success of the coarse registration before performing the later stages to check for problematic scan pairs that fail to register automatically.

The registration report graph and combined view of the coarse registration allow this.

Vercator - Coarse Registration Results

Check Combined View

  1. To view the whole result of the coarse registration, after the Coarse Registration Report stage has run, select the Coarse Registration Results tab.
  2. The left side pane displays a schematic of the Coarse Registration Result that can be panned and zoomed. The numbering relates to the child scan numbers shown to the right in the bar chart labels, next to the scan pairs.

Vercator - Combined View

Check Coarse Registration Report Graph

The initial results of the coarse registration can be visualised in a reporting graph as below.

Vercator - Coarse Registration Report Graph

Once the registration report phase has been run this graph can be viewed on the right side of the Coarse Registration Results tab.

The chart can be ordered by:

  • Name
  • Scan Overlap the percentage of points that overlay between scans (higher is generally better/more reliable)


  • Visibility Fraction percentage of points in scan A that are ‘visible’ or not occluded from the scan position in Scan B (higher indicates more common points of intersection)

Overlap or visibility bars can be toggled on or off with the checkboxes at the top of the graph.

The lower the bars the higher the likelihood of an erroneous result.