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Project Interface

This article describes the project interface used for Vercator Projects.

The Vercator Project Interface

The interface is split into three main areas:

  1. The Project Explorer on the left sidebar which contains the data and processing jobs run, as well as the Create New Job menu launcher at the top
  2. The Details view on the right sidebar which contains detailed information about the selected item from the Project Explorer
  3. The 3D view in the centre showing the data of the selected item from the Project Explorer

Vercator interface screenshot

Create New Job

This is the starting point for all processing. Selecting this from the left sidebar will bring up the menu of different job types that can be run, as below. The first required is to import data.

jobs screenshot

Top Right Controls

The top bar has 4 abilities from left-to-right:

  1. Tasks shows the status of different processing that has been launched.
  2. ? links to help in the Knowledge Base
  3. full screen iconfull screen mode toggle
  4. X close the project


The sidebars can be collapsed by clicking on the arrows on the sides. If toggled then this means that the sidebar will collapse when the cursor moves away.

It is useful to collapse the left hand project explorer sidebar to access the 3D view controls menu.

Project Explorer

The left sidebar shows the results of jobs run. Selecting one of these will load the data in the 3D view as well as the details about it in the right sidebar.


The right sidebar will show context details for a job depending on the type of job run. It will also show the processing status if the job is still running or any errors that occur.

3D View Menu

The 3D menu can be used to control the visualisation including:

  • change point density displayed on screen
  • create clipping boxes
  • make measurements

To access the 3D menu, first you must collapse the left sidebar.

To do this:

  • click on the left arrow next to the sidebar
  • move your cursor off the sidebar so that it collapses
  • this will expose the 3-line 3D view menu button

screenshotscreenshot screenshot