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Scan Processing Requirements Editor

This article describes the Scan Processing Requirements Editor in Vercator Desktop, which provides more control over the scans and stages used for processing.

The Job Editor is the main visual control for what processing is applied to each scan. It can be accessed from Tools -> Scan Processing Requirements Editor. The Editor is useful for re-processing a part or all of the data with certain stages.


When a new job configuration is created with the creation wizard all items are ticked as below as all steps are assumed to be needed to be run as below.

Re-processing scans in an existing project

Then the required processing steps need to be ticked. In this case 9th_f_21.fls is new and needs all processing steps to happen. However the rest of the data has already been processed so only the Fine Registration, Fine Registration Report and Transformation need to be re-processed to take account of the new data.

Once the stages are set in the Editor, the user can click OK and return to the main view to run the job as usual.

The user must ensure that the runnable stages in the configuration tab are enabled for the stages enabled in the Editor.

If a stage is set to run in the configuration but no scans have that stage ticked in the Editor no processing will happen in that stage.