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This article describes some of the error states that Vercator Desktop can result in and how to solve them when INCOMPLETE_DUE_TO_ERROR displays.

Vercator Desktop records text log information that can be useful for diagnosis in the logs folder of the project.

If you cannot resolve an issue then please contact our support desk for fast support through our portal here.

Exception reading file <file path>.fls

This occurs when the inside structure of the raw fls data from a Faro scanner is picked rather than the containing folder.


When picking raw fls scans from the scanner to add to a project which are as fls folders rather than fls files, make sure to pick and add the folder (highlighted in yellow) not the files within (circled in red).

Vercator - Solution

Not all scans are connected, x distinct groups

This can occur at the fine registration stage because scans are further apart than a set threshold and the block has split into separate clusters with no overlap between.


First check the coarse registration result in the tab to check scans are correctly placed or fix in the manual registration if not.

If that does not resolve it then increase the maximum scan separation distance in the fine registration parameters so that scan positions further apart are taken into account. Then re-run the fine registration stage.

Vercator - Fine Registration Solution

Matrix is not symmetric positive definite

This is caused by a scan or multiple scans not having any overlap to solve the registration with. This can be because of a failed or poor coarse registration or because not all of the scan pairs are closer than the maximum distance threshold.


Check the coarse registration result in the Manual Registration to check scans are correctly placed.

If not correct, either manually correct or increase the maximum scan separation distance in pre-processing and re-run the pre-processing, descriptors and coarse registration to try and improve the coarse registration result.

If all looks correct then increase the maximum scan separation distance in the fine registration configuration and re-run the stage.

Voxel grid with bounds x, y, z, x’, y’, z’ does not contain start point=x, y, z

This is caused by a failure to find the scan position inside the point cloud bounds. This is needed to calculate statistics for the coarse registration report and to initialise the fine registration.


Check your data is correct and is generated by a static laser scanner. Currently mobile or kinetic scanning is unsupported and may produce unreliable results.

Cycles in scan graph

This error appears in the manual registration window when a loop or cycle is present in the scan pairs connections and tells you which pair completes the loop.

Vercator - Cycles in Scan Graph


Loops or cycles are currently unsupported, to avoid this follow the network rules in the scan network creation article.