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Manual Registration

This article describes the optional manual registration process for correcting failing pairs after the coarse registration step has been run.

This can be opened from the Manual Registration button on the Coarse Registration page.

The manual registration page has a 3D view of the pair selected and the list of registered pairs in the project for correction. By selecting a pair, it loads in the 3D view whereupon the child of the pair can be corrected in position and rotation using the tool selector at the bottom of the view.

  • Drag the arrow heads to translate along one axis
  • Drag the yellow squares between axes to move in one plane

Once a pair has been corrected Save must be pressed to preserve the changes. When completed for all failing data, return to the Coarse Registration Results page to see the overall result and continue the processing in Fine Registration.

The 3D view itself can be manipulated with the menu items revealed by clicking on the left three-line-stack icon. Read here for more on these menu items.

To control the 3D view:

  • Left click – orbit
  • Right click – pan
  • Scroll – zoom

Vercator interface showing manual registration of two point clouds