Your Vercator® Software Questions, Answered.

What’s New in Vercator Desktop

Latest version of Vercator Desktop: 2.2.56

Version 2.2


  • Manual Registration rotation adjustment made finer
  • Updated Scene API
  • Minor stability updates


  • Recap rcs bugfix where intensity was not written if rgb colour existed


  • Riegl rdbx support added
  • Fine registration optimisation to handle very large high resolution scans
  • Scan network markers drift bugfix
  • FLS reader cleanup bugfix


  • Export support for Autodesk Recap rcs files
  • Minor stability update to fine registration


  • Ability to add scan from the top of the list to a level in the network creator by double-clicking in the level
  • Minor updates to error messaging

2.2 Release

  • Significant enhancements to the registration engine resulting from a research funded by Innovate UK
    • Improves robustness meaning more scans automatically register correctly
  • Improved workflow with the addition of a graphical scan network editor to create and edit the scan relationships/pairs
  • Assisted target detection in survey coordinates editor
  • Support for import of Z+F (Zoller & Fröhlich) zfs scan files added
  • Disabling input support for XYZ, PLY, LAS and LAZ as not having the scanner location can cause issues with the current algorithm. Projects with these file types can still be run but new projects cannot be made.
    • Export formats are unaffected
  • Minor stability updates and bug fixes

Version 2.1

  • Fine registration optimisations
  • GUI improvements including clarity of job status
  • Import survey coordinates from csv
  • E57 and pts reader bug fixes
  • Minor stability updates and bug fixes