Privacy Policy


1. Use of cookies

We use cookies to track your visit to our website so that we can improve the content as well as our products and services. The data we collect is anonymous so cannot be used to identify you. Your privacy is assured.


2. Your data

The data you provide will be used for business purposes only and will not be shared with others. Please contact us if you would like your name and contact details removed from our database. However, we shall retain details of your company and the responses you have given on its behalf.


3. News and updates

By signing up for news, software or filling out a form on our website, we will retain your details on our database and provide you with periodical updates from our company until you request that we remove them. We do not share your data with anyone outside our company.


Mobile App

We collect no personal data from our users with the app. App permissions are the minimum required for it to function optimally.