Utility tools for point cloud processing

VERCATOR cloud enables users to access a range of point cloud processing utilities in the cloud.

The VERCATOR Registration tool enables the automatic registration of 3D point clouds created by laser scanners. Efficiencies through automating alignment from robust, complex algorithms enables targetless scanning onsite and faster point cloud processing in the office.

The advanced algorithms give the user the ability to load large data sets and automatically align them with maximum efficiency.

Scan data is aligned faster and with fewer misalignments with VERCATOR.

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Field App

  • Create scan projects on site.
  • Upload sketches, photos and site drawings
  • Add scan markers and targets
  • Export a CSV file for use in your software

You can download the Vercator Field App from both Apple or Google stores:

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  • Fast, automatic registration in the cloud
  • Major input/export formats supported
  • Integrate with your existing cloud storage
  • No need for computer or software upgrade
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We offer a local platform of the Vercator Software - Vercator Desktop - this is available to customers who meet certain criteria. Please contact us to discuss whether this is the right option for you.