Automatic Point Cloud Processing, Powered by the Cloud

Reliable results, efficiently delivered. The future of point cloud processing.




Cloud computing is the greatest enabler in the digitalisation of the construction sector. Improvements can be realised in digital infrastructure with new levels of speed, collaboration, and real-time communication.

The VERCATOR cloud offers flexibility, remote access, dynamic scaling of storage, and on-demand access to computing power. We realise the future of large-scale LiDAR point cloud processing, by delivering an end-to-end solution for geospatial professionals.


Able to move quickly and easily. Being quick to respond will set you and your business ahead of the competition in any marketplace. 

Quick to Respond

The agility of the VERCATOR cloud optimises your ability to respond to your customers needs and wishes.

Unrivalled Speed

With incredible processing power and unrivalled speed, you are in safe hands — even with large point clouds. 

Return on Investment

All business owners want to see return on their investment. The VERCATOR cloud grows, changes and adapts with your business.

Streamlined Operation

Manage change more effectively. Our platform allows you to build a lean and streamlined operation. 


Capable of being easily expanded or upgraded on demand. The cloud grows with your business and adapts with it.


Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. Skilled operatives will find themselves working better and delivering better.

Operational Efficiency

The VERCATOR cloud optimises your processes enabling you to deliver both operational and personnel efficiencies. 

Dynamic Changes

Transform your processes. Maximise your time on site and work dynamically in the office. Achieve optimal results throughout your workflow.

Customer Confidence

Our platform delivers a service which is robust, secure, and reliable, which instils high customer confidence.

Resilient Systems

Gone are the days of poorly managed operating systems. VERCATOR cloud is tried, tested and transparent in its delivery of accurate, traceable and repeatable results.


Consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted. Cloud services are robust, secure and reliable. 

The VERCATOR cloud offers dynamic scalability enabling the parallelisation of tasks.

We are transforming point cloud processing by providing reliable results, delivering greater accuracy at an affordable price point.
The convenience of working and sharing from the VERCATOR cloud signals a clear path forward for the geospatial and construction community.

Cloud working eliminates the need for hardware and software updates, consumer computer performances become a thing of the past.


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