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Vercator is the most efficient way to process point cloud data, fast

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The most efficient cloud platform to process point cloud data

Vercator enables a desktop software like experience in the browser but backed by the cloud with all the benefits of cloud computing. This means Vercator will combine the best clusters of computers to quickly process your data as it scales. Data can be captured, processed, and shared with effortless flexibility and speed.

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A next-level point cloud processing platform

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Vercator’s registration service automatically aligns point cloud data without artificial scan targets. Powerful, fast and interoperable, register large, complex point cloud data with minimal intervention, saving you valuable time and resources.


Vercator classification extracts automated insight from point cloud data by separating data into different classes of interest and individual instances. This allows insight into assets in your scene allowing for quick understanding and data extraction for downstream modelling.

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Who is Vercator for


Vercator provides the toolbox of services Surveyors need to deliver accurate and efficient data on a consistent basis. Whether in registering data or segmenting objects for downstream usage Vercator services are there to support you.


From architects to construction & BIM professionals, stakeholders need reliable point cloud data. Vercator facilitates rapid point cloud data processing, providing insight into the assets and changes taking place, reducing site visits, and ensuring trustworthy data.


Complex engineering projects happen on a large scale, requiring software that can cope with vast quantities of data. Whether it is electrical utilities or national rail projects, Vercator provides asset understanding and insight from point cloud data.

Trusted in the most demanding environments

What our users say

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I have been using Vercator regularly and found it to be an excellent alternative to Scene/Realworks or any other quite frankly expensive registration software.

Kevin Bere, Director

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The matching is excellent ... the drift of our scanner is becoming much more evident! We will likely adapt our tools to take better advantage of the matching potential.

Iain McKillip, Manager Mine Technical Services

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WOW. This works extremely well. This is impressive, and with absolutely no input from me other than the topological model.  So really great job.

Laurie McBean, Geospatial Data Specialist

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