registration of 3D point clouds

Improve efficiency by speeding up your workflow whilst maintaining accuracy

Vercator Software Surveyor 3D Scanning

Targetless Scanning

Minimise the time it takes to stage scans by eliminating the need to place artificial targets, saving you time in the field

Automatic Registration

Automatically register overlapping scans to achieve registration alignment, saving you time in the office

Reliable Data

Eliminate identification faults, produce accurate data to meet industry standards, enhance performance and hit deadlines

Increase speed and maintain accuracy

Vercator® software is a new solution to automatically register 3D point clouds - saving time in the field through targetless scanning and faster point cloud processing in the office.

Vercator software for Surveyors

Reduce the pressure of delivering against deadlines

As a surveyor, your reliance on multiple legacy software packages to process the point cloud data your clients need can be a constant frustration. Vercator software helps reduce the time it takes to deliver in the field and in the office too.

With a simple interface, Vercator software is easy-to-use. This means you can start processing data immediately with little to no training. With Vercator software, outputs are accurate, reducing the risk of unreliable data and the frustration of failed data processing.

Vercator Software for Surveyors
Vercator Software for Engineers
Vercator software for Engineers

Accurate, robust and reliable measurements

As an engineer, you're looking for the predictability you need to mitigate the risk of project overruns. Working with accurate point cloud data is an essential requirement to de-risk your project.

Vercator software helps increase the accuracy of measurements and outputs, enabling you to minimise the risk of unreliable information. Reliable workflows ensure that you can deliver high-quality models and results to clients on time, every time. 

Vercator software for Construction Professionals

High-quality data models that keep projects on time and clients happy

From architects to BIM technicians, construction professionals need access to the most reliable and accurate data so you can best serve your client's project.

Vercator software enables you to process point cloud data faster, build robust models and meet your project specifications. Reduce the need for additional site visits and hit deadlines first time with reliable and trustworthy data.

Vercator Software for Construction Professionals

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Vercator software is compatible with most major industry formats with more being added as the software is developed