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The best point cloud processing, all in one place. Unlock your data!

Point clouds in a digital environment present infinite possibilities; from the simple sharing of data, all the way through to harnessing the power of cloud computing for complex or labour-intensive data processing - Vercator has you covered.

Scalable & Automated

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Cutting Edge Technology

Using Vercator can enable a truly digital workspace where there are no geographical boundaries or limitations. Data can be captured, processed, and shared with effortless flexibility.

Screenshot of Vercator with segmented point cloud data

Vercator Services


Scalable, robust registration. Automatically align static or mobile data without the need for targets. Read more.


Cutting-edge automated processing to classify your data into different objects of interest with no user input. Read more.

Format Conversion

Free your desktop from being tied up with conversion and alleviate the challenge of local data handling. Read more.


Why use the Vercator platform?


Cloud automation with Vercator frees up resources to concentrate on high value tasks, while only paying for what you use.


Large projects can have their processing times slashed by 80% when compared to existing methods. Read more...

Always Ready

The Vercator team is always working on improvements so you have the latest & greatest software whenever you log in.


Make on-site planning a breeze with the Vercator Field App. Read More...


Automated algorithms remove manual labour allowing efficient workflows.


Vercator cloud storage or connected third-party storage means data delivery is easy.

Vercator Workflow

Vercator workflow illustration with 6 steps from capture to export
Bespoke Development with VERCATOR

Have a workflow problem that you'd like solving?

Do you believe that there must be a better way of working with point cloud data?

Vercator offers a bespoke development service. We're more than happy to set up a call and discuss any problems you might have or jobs you wish you could automate!

By accelerating a specific project we can deliver your solution to the market, sooner!