The VERCATOR registration utility service automatically aligns point cloud data created by any LiDAR scanner without the need for artificial scan targets.

With Sensor Fusion commonplace in many reality capture scenarios we offer the facility to align data from a wide range of data capture devices – from drone to terrestrial scanner to SLAM – enabling you to create hybrid data sets.

Automating the process of registration will save you both time and money.  The Vercator Cloud provides you a single repository for your data which is secure, reliable and delivers accurate quantifiable results.

Fast processing


Automating labour intensive processes will drive forward improvements in the sector you operate in.

The key to automation is delivering results which are accurate, robust, repeatable and will also significantly reduce your data registration and processing time.

The Vercator Cloud delivers a registration service which harnesses the speed and power of the cloud; multiple processors deliver results at lightning speed.

Complex registration projects can have their process times slashed by the power of cloud computers.


Accuracy is key. Delivering results which can be trusted and relied upon is fundamental to all data operatives.

The algorithms used in the Vercator Cloud to automate the registration process produce highly accurate alignment results. Quantifiable quality assurance checks are built into the service offered.

efficient processing


In a world where results are integral to success; and whether a return on investment is seen are meticulously observed.

Being able to deliver measurable efficiencies will set you ahead of your competitors in what is a very competitive marketplace.

The Vercator Cloud will deliver both onsite operational efficiencies as well as personnel efficiencies; enabling your key staff to be deployed to deliver optimal results.


The Reality Capture market is flooded with hardware vendors; likewise, there are a wide range of downstream software providers.

The Vercator Cloud offers a wide range of data format compatibility at both input to the service and at export from the service. Ensuring maximum interoperability and minimizing downtime in data format conversions.


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agile . scalable . efficient . reliable



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What does the VERCATOR service offer?

  • Automated 3D pointcloud registration; automation drives efficient, optimised workflows 
  • Enhanced accuracy with traceable, repeatable reporting; using both cloud-2-cloud and plane-2-plane
  • Rapid Format Conversion service; providing compatibility with all common data formats

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