Process your point clouds with pay as you go flexibility. We’ve done away with the traditional large upfront and outdated licence system. All services in the Vercator are chargeable by usage in arrears. Each job type has its own charge rate as listed below and processing is rounded up to the nearest million points.

All services offered in the Vercator Cloud are charged in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and paid with an invoice raised at the start of each month for the previous month's usage.

Depending on the size of your project you might be eligible for volume discounts, contact us on or click on the button below to arrange a meeting.

Vercator Projects

Job TypeChargeExample
Import£0.10 / scan file10 scan files = £1.00
Auto Registration£0.03 / million points200 scans of 20m points = 4bn points = £120
Optimise Registration£0.08 / million points200 scans of 20m points = 4bn points = £320
Manual RegistrationFree
Merge£0.02 / million points4bn points = £80
Classification£0.50 / million points5 million point scan = £2.50
Export£0.01 / million points4bn points total = £40

Vercator Legacy Utilities

Legacy Registration Utility£2 / scan file100 scan files = £200
Legacy Format Conversion Utility£1 / 100 million points (rounded up)Ten 25 million point files in one job or 250m points total = £3

Vercator API

The charges on this page are not applicable to Vercator API consumption. Please contact us for API pricing.