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'Vercator SLAMs the cloud'

Our very own Charlie Cropp talks with Martyn Day from X3DMedia about all things SLAM and the rise in use of their on-cloud pointcloud services. 

It’s clear Correvate is seeing a change of attitude in scanning. While SLAM might not be as accurate as it would like, firms are weighing that up. Do they need to be as accurate as a Leica or as clean as a Z+F scanner and spend the £70/80k on each scanner? Or can they actually increase productivity using SLAM to do more work, while still achieving what they need from a deliverable perspective. If you can be four times more efficient or productive because you are able to capture or generate four times the number of projects, many firms are easily making that call.


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ExCel Centre


17 | May | 2023

18 | May | 2023


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