Vercator technology enables the automatic alignment and subsequent analysis and processing of 3D point cloud datasets created using Lidar scanning technology.

Correvate has brought this ground-breaking technology to the cloud in a world first. The technology was initially created in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University College London. In January 2018 it was exclusively licensed to Correvate.

Lidar technology is a powerful way of capturing 3D measured data about the built and natural environment. Historically, processing of this rich and valuable data to produce and extract useful information is both user-intensive and time-consuming. Harnessing the power of the VERCATOR Cloud we will revolutionise this!


Our ambition is to understand the real world through point cloud processing.

Traditional processing of 3D point cloud data can often mean spending many hours using software that does not do the job it promises. As a result, manual workflows can compromise accuracy and become complex, unpredictable, and time-consuming processes.

Surveyors, engineers and construction professionals deserve software that does its job, is easy to use and requires less manual intervention. Software that works around you and not the other way round. Vercator software aims to live up to this promise.

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To deliver automated point cloud processing services from the cloud.

Vercator software greatly improves current point cloud processing techniques. With an openness to collaboration, our ambition is to develop Vercator so that it lowers the barriers to point cloud adoption.

We strive to be a leading software solution provider in the areas of surveying, construction, civil engineering, architecture, facilities management and beyond. We provide our customers with a valuable product that delivers on its promise and gives a clear return on investment.


We strive to democratise the processing of point cloud data.

At Vercator we intend to change how traditionally the industry works with point cloud data. 

We will be accessible to all, supporting both industry standard data formats and, in as many cases as possible, accepting native data straight from the field scanner.  

We will be affordable for all, offering a unique Pay as You Go token based system; no upfront expensive software packages, you only ever pay for what you need.

We will revolutionise how clients work with their data; embracing the power of the cloud and harnessing its power to speed up the production of usable deliverables. 

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