Our Terms of Business, here, reflect the following policies:

1. Cookies 

We use cookies to track your visit to our website to inform us on how we may improve the presentation of our products and services.  The data we collect is anonymous and so cannot be used to identify you.  Your privacy is assured. 

While we have access to data produced by Google Analytics and suppliers of similar services, we do not collect or retain any such data relating to any individual user save in anonymised form and then only to the extent that they are useful in helping us to improve our products and services. 

2. Information about subscribers 

We ask you to provide information about you and your business in two cases: 

i)  when you apply to become ‘subscriber’ to our servicesthus entitling you initially to a free trial and later to purchase tokens via our webstore (which tokens are used to pay for our services delivered through our website or API). 

ii) when you download our field app, thus enabling you later to make in-app purchases  

We retain this information for so long as you or your business continue to be a subscriber and/or an app user and, in the case of information about your business and payments for usage of our services, for at least a further six years.  We shall, at the written request of an authorised representative of your business, promptly delete any information we hold about any individual who is no longer an active user of our services on your business’s account.   

We do not share any of this information with other parties. 

Note that the rules for handling any data that you may create when using our services are set out in condition 5 of our terms of business. 

3. Communications from us 

Any subscriber or other user may, by checking a box on our website, ask to receive news about our products and services.  Here, we ask for and then retain information about the applicant until they ask, in writing, for discontinuance of these news feeds and for their details to be deleted from our records.  We do not share any of this information with others. 

Subscribers may, at any time, opt out from receiving marketing (but not service related) communications from us.