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Add AWS or Azure cloud storage

Some users may already have their data stored in cloud storage such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. If so you can connect that storage to your Vercator account for all of your users to work with.

Currently Vercator only reads data from this storage so the original data is not at risk from being overwritten or changed in any way on the remote storage.

To add storage a user with administrator privileges needs to go to the Admin page and select Add Storage.


This will pop-up the detail box in which to provide the access details for the storage. The person who set up or manages your cloud storage should have the information required here. The path should be provided without leading or trailing slashes e.g. path/to/scans/folder. Whichever folder is connected from remote storage will be considered the top level and can be browsed with folders contained in it being accessible through the file browser in Vercator.