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Vercator runs on a project concept. This means that all the processing that you do runs within a project. This project could represent one geolocation or worksite of data capture within which all your related processing jobs happen. One project can hold the results of many jobs as in the conceptual image below:

Vercator projects infographic

Projects Page

The projects page, accessible from the top menu, lists all of the projects you have created in Vercator, sorted in ascending order by creation date.

Projects can be pinned to the top of the list by hovering over the project and clicking the star. They can also be searched for using the Filter projects.

Vercator project list screenshot

Create a Project

A new project can be created by clicking the ‘New Project’ button and filling in a name and optional description. On clicking ‘Create’ you will then be launched into the Project interface.

New Project Vercator interface

Delete a Project

To delete a project hover over the project bar and click the three dot menu on the right-hand side. This will reveal the delete option. You will need to make sure that all jobs have been deleted from within a project for the project deletion to be successful.

Delete Vercator project screenshot