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User Management

In the Admin panel of Vercator cloud the Administrator can add and manage users to their account with the ability to spend tokens for processing.


Adding Users

Users can be added to an account by an Administrator by selecting Add User and filling in the user’s details including their email that they will use to sign in. They will then get an invite telling them to set up their account. They can either be nominated as a further administrator or not. Basic user accounts can be locked which allows an administrator to bar access for a temporary period but keep the user on their account for a later date.


Admin User

To make a user an admin, once they have been added to your account click the edit pencil icon and select Admin.

Accounts can also be locked to prevent that user from being able to log in but preserving projects they have made.

Administrators have the power to nominate those colleagues who may use the Vercator service on their Cloud User Account and to cancel any such nomination.  Accordingly, they have the responsibility to track, manage usage and ensure payment for usage by those who obtain login rights.  A lead administrator also has the power to appoint and deselect other administrators, each having the same powers and responsibilities as the initial lead administrator, including the power to appoint and deselect users and other administrators.

Administrators have full access and can see all projects run by all users.

Basic user

A basic user has access to only projects they create but all of the data in the files section are shared including third party cloud storage that has been added. A basic user can spend tokens on processing.

Nominated basic users must each create a password for future login and may then manage any change in that password.  Where a valid password has been used at login, we accept no liability for the unauthorised use of the related account.