Your Vercator® Software Questions, Answered.

Manual Registration

This article describes the manual registration process for correcting failing pairs after the coarse registration step has been run.

If manual registration is required, or to check the coarse registration in greater detail, click the Open Manual Registration button in the Coarse Registration Results tab.

Vercator - Open Manual Registration

Two methods are given to correct placement between pairs: Plan View and Bubble View. A Point Cloud View is also provided to allow the user to understand what the pair registration looks like in 3D.

Plan View

The plan view is divided into three primary sections as below. The sections are the x-y view which allows planimetric correction (centre left), the z-registration correction graph (bottom left) and the scan pairs list (right).

Vercator - Plan View

Select a pair of scans from the right list and the review panes populate on the left. The top left gives a plan view of the scan pairs with circles representing the scanner location in each scan (red = child, white = parent). To correct the scan transformation in X & Y use this view and the controls:

  • left click – pan/move scan
  • scroll wheel – rotate scan
  • shift + scroll – fine rotate scan
  • ctrl + scroll – zoom view

The bottom left graph plots the Z axis data, where the y axis is positive if normals are pointing up (e.g. floor) and negative if they point down (e.g. ceiling). The child scan plot can be dragged with the mouse to correct an incorrect z registration.

In a larger project case with multiple failing scans, repeat the process described above for each pair that fails to align correctly.

Once complete click finish. You will be asked to confirm you want to save changes.

Vercator - Save Confirmation

Vercator will return to the Coarse Registration Results tab. Press Refresh Image button to update the cross-section plan and re-run only the Coarse Registration Report stage if you want to update the graph.

Vercator - Refresh Image

Then fine registration, fine registration report and scan transformation steps can be run with all other stages deselected.

Bubble View

The bubble view allows correcting scan pairs by picking at least 3 common points between scans. It consists of the split-screen of each scan by pair and the list of pairs to the right.

Vercator - Bubble View

To use the bubble view double-click in to select a common feature in each of the scans in the split screen. This will give you a grey marker as below.

Vercator - Bubble View Split Screen

Right click on each marker to link the same feature points with the same colour as below. Repeat as needed.

Vercator - Feature Point Colours

Once complete click Register and correct any other scans required. Then fine registration and scan transformation steps can be re-run with all other stages deselected.

Point Cloud View

The registration of the pairs can also be viewed (but not edited) in 3D in the Point Cloud View tab (pictured below).

Vercator - Point Cloud View

From there select Load Models to load the view.

  • Left click – orbit
  • Right click – pan
  • Scroll Wheel – zoom

Settings are also available to re-colour the scans and background as necessary.