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Getting Started with Vercator Field App

This is a getting started guide to the Vercator Field app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

The Vercator mobile app allows you to easily plan or record your scanning and target locations throughout an area. Upload a hand-drawn sketch or even a 2D floor plan for greater accuracy to plot your network. Add new projects, levels and scan details, then simply drag scans to the right spot and link them together. Once set, just share the data and use the network with your registration software.

Create a project

This is the first stage and requires some naming parameters to be set that initialise the project.

Scan name prefix and Scan number start set the format for the naming of scans in the project. So in the example below the first scan will be named Floor_6_000 and the number will increase as more scans are added (e.g. Floor_6_001, Floor_6_002).

Next will take you to the next screen setting the first default level. Cancel will stop creation of the project.




Set the first (default) level

The project space is made up of an initial level on which scans can be placed. This default level needs defining here. More levels can be added in the main project as needed.

The underlay image can be changed from the default grid to an image stored on the device or with a photo taken with the device’s camera.

Next will take you to the main project screen. Previous will take you back to the first project set-up screen.




Add scans or targets to the project

This is the main project screen from which you can add scans, targets, levels and move markers placed in the scene.

Add scan/target: press this button and then press somewhere in the scene to place a marker.

Move: this activates move mode allowing the markers to be moved for fine tuning.

Levels: allows levels to be added, deleted or edited as required




Edit scans or targets

Scans can be linked together by tapping on one scan and pressing link scan and then tapping on another scan marker in the scene.

Scans and target names can be edited by tapping them and the menu bar changes allowing editing and deletion options.




Share Data

A project can be shared by pressing the share icon and making the in-app purchase:
This allows a zip file to be shared of the project using any of your existing mobile apps (e.g. Onedrive, Dropbox etc). This zip file can be imported into Vercator cloud at the Network setup stage of a registration job to speed up processing setup.