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The results of a Merge or Classification Job can be shared in a read-only visualisation (as in the image below) that allows the receiver of the share to view and analyse the result with clipping boxes and measurement tools.

screenshot of a shared point cloud in Vercator

Create a shared link

    1. Choose a Merge or Classification Job from the Project Explorer on the left.
    2. Then choose Share point cloud from the Available Actions in the right sidebar:
    3. This will bring up the sharing options. This allows you to set the public project name that will display at the top title bar of the shared visualisation. It also allows you to define the time the link will be available. The default is always available, however if you tick Force expiration date, then an expiry date can be chosen, after which the link will no longer work.Once set click Create to generate the sharing url link.
    4. The sharing url is displayed and can be sent to whoever the visualisation of the data needs to be shared with.

The ability to further manage and remove these shared job visualisations will be added very soon to Vercator.